The XIX Brazilian Congress of Agrometeorology will be held in Lavras, southern Minas Gerais, August 23 - 28, 2015, at the Federal University of Lavras - UFLA. The event is being organized by this university; the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Southern Minas Gerais - IFSULDEMINAS, and the Agricultural Research Corporation of Minas Gerais - EPAMIG.

                     The theme of the event will be:

                                                         Agrometeorology in the 21st century:
                                                               The challenge of sustainable use of Brazilian biomes

                  Discussions around this main theme will be conducted at the round tables, workshops and oral presentations of papers and posters which will involve issues related to Agronomy, Agricultural Engineering, Meteorology, Physics, Hydrology, Geography, Biology, Bioclimatology, Micrometeorology, Biophysics, Agricultural Zoning, Soil-Water-Plant-Atmosphere Relationships, Instrumentation, Remote Sensing, GIS, Statistics, Simulation and Modeling, Climate Change, Water Resources, Bioenergy, Controlled Environments and other areas related to the study of weather and climate for agricultural, livestock and forestry purposes. Concurrent with the event, several exhibitors from different companies will demonstrate the latest technological advances in Agrometeorology.

              Thus, the objective of CBAgro 2015 is to bring together experts, researchers, engineers, professors, students, entrepreneurs, technicians from production areas and cooperatives, extensionists, allied professionals, national authorities and international researchers, to analyze, discuss and share information on the results of the latest studies addressing the main theme of the event, aiming at the generation, adaptation and transfer of technologies for the sustainability of agricultural systems implemented in the different Brazilian biomes.

Attention to the new dates

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    Final date paragraph sending simple summaries of works: 26.4.2015. ( EXTENSION unavoidable in order to 1 / 5/2015 )

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    Deadline for sending the letter to "accept the job": 31/05/2015.

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    Deadline for submission of accepted papers: 19/06/2015.

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  • Dr. Paulo Cesar Sentelhas
  •   Dr. João Barbosa
  • Dr. Pedro Vieira 
  • Dr. Marcos Heil Costa 
  • Dra. Hemlley M.
    A. Imbuzeiro UFV
  •    Dr. Homero Bergamaschi
  • Dr. Gustavo Habermann
  •   Dr. Mannava Sivakumar    
  • Dr. Chris Mannaerts    
  • Dr. Flávio Barbosa Justino    
  • Dr. Clyde Fraisse
  •    Dr. Fabio Ricardo
  • Dr. Nereu Augusto
  • Dr. Anton Vrieling
  • Dr. Jurandir Zullo
  •   Dr. Paul C. West
  • Dr. David
  •   Dra. Claudia
  • Dr. Walter E. Baethgen
  • Dra. Simone da Costa Mello
  • Dr. Constantinos Kittas
  • Dr. Alexandre Bryan Heinemann
  • Dr. José Ricardo
    Macedo Pezzopane
  • Dra. Daniella Jorge de Moura
  • Dr. Tadayuki Yanagi Junior
  • Dr. Raymond L. Desjardins
  • Dra. Carla Pinheiro